Next week is a big week for the Flying Pig Farm.... all that work that Sonia and Steve have been doing in the garden are paying off and you get to enjoy the fruits of their labor.  To make this as easy and organized as possible,  if we may ask you to send Sonia an email at, requesting what you would like and quantities. Even if you have mentioned to Sonia you would like something, please reconfirmed with an email and not just tell her at the studio or leave a message on the machine. Heres the list of goodies coming in and yum do they sound awesome.  Cost for jam is canning jar$5.00:

  • apricot
  • blueberry
  • cherry
  • sweet cheer/rhubarb
  • tart cherry/rhubarb
  • plum with Grand Marnier
  • plum

Pickles, salsa and relish are $4.00Pickles-300x300

  • kosher dill pickles
  • pickle relish
  • salsa
  • peach salsa

For some of these items , quantities are very limited. Sonia will fill orders as they come until supplies are gone.   Also returning the jars with the rings would be a nice thing to do, as they cost around $1.00 and can be reused!