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Candida: it causes more problems than you think!

Are you tired of feeling tired, do you have indigestion, fuzzy thinking, unexplained weight gain, bloating, PMS, chronic yeast infections, emotional problems, poor memory, food cravings, panic attacks. Many of those “can’t explain” symptoms can be traced back to Candida infections.  

Investigate how diverse Candida/yeast symptoms can be and their significance on physical and emotional health. Explore the causes of Candida overgrowth plus a variety of holistic treatment approaches!

In our hour-long workshop you we will discover:

  • What is Candida Albicans/yeast over growth
  • What is it’s role in your life
  • What causes yeast over growth
  • What are the far-reaching implications: weight gain, lack of energy, digestive ailments, infections and more
  • What foods feed the yeast versus foods that starve the yeast
  • We will also explore holistic therapies that will hit those nasty little buggers, so you can start to feel better now

If you have ever taken antibiotics, been on the pill, had recurring  yeast, sinus or other infections, foot or toe fungus this workshop is for you!

To learn more, attend this free workshop hosted by Lisa Bova CHHC and Brenda Geisler

RSVP to 970-390-0649 or

Time:  7:00 pm

When:  Tuesday, September 10

Where:  222 1/2  F. Street, above Free The Monkey

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