Learn why dancers like Mikhail Baryshnikov, George Balanchine, Rudolf von Laban, Four BallerinasHanya Holm used Pilates.  We are adding a Pilates Equipment class starting in July and running for 10 weeks, designed specifically for dancers.  The class will start Friday July 12 and run for 10 weeks on Fridays at 11am!   As a special offer for the 10 week series, the introductory cost will be $175.00 for the series.  A savings of $20 off normal equipment classes. The Pilates Studio, Pilates for Dancers  10 week program will help you:

  • prevent injury,
  • improve dance technique
  • increase understanding of movement principles
  • prepare the dancer for the demands of their dance form
  • use your core (powerhouse) for grace, stability, better extension and balance
  • create long, lean muscle

Kyanne Danowsky has taught dance for over 25 years.  She tried Pilates to recover from a back injury.  As her strength and balanced muscle tone returned after only three months, she was hooked.  She continued teaching dance with renewed vigor and endurance.  Now as a certified Pilates instructor,  Kyanne is excited to offer this class to the dance community.

Please contact the studio 719-539-4210 or email salidapilatesstudio@gmail.com