We offer a prenatal class on Thursdays at 4:30!  All of our pregnant ladies have gone andTummy of a Pregnant Woman given birth, imagine that!  So, we are looking to spread the word again to get the class filled back up.  It is an equipment class, which is perfect for women throughout their pregnancy.  The Pilates Studio offers many ways to stay in shape through out your pregnancy and loose that baby fat afterwards!  If there is enough interest we would put together a post natal class, designed to specifically address moms after they deliver.  See below for some of the benefits of post natal Pilates.  We are putting this out there to you our community and we hope you can help us spread the word to current non-Pilates women.  We all know and see lots of moms to be! Whether it’s private lessons, group classes or a prenatal class designed especially for expectant mommies, we offer it all!

Benefits of prenatal Pilates:

  • Increased body awareness with better posture and support a more comfortable pregnancy and delivery.
  • Improved control and strength of pelvic floor region
  • Supports joints and ligaments that may be compromised with increasing strain from developing baby
  • Develops flexibility and muscular endurance in the body.
  • Relieves common problems associated with pregnancy such as backache, thoracic pain, sciatica, ligament pain, and pubic symphysis pain
  • Helps with breathing techniques that can be employed effectively during labor
  • Makes it easier for pelvic floor to release in those crucial latter stages of giving birth
  • Speeds up recovery after birth

A woman’s body is certainly put through its paces during pregnancy and beyond that into labor. Even once the baby has been safely delivered, your body will be rapidly readjusting itself. 

Benefits of post natal Pilates:

  • Rehabilitation of pelvic floor, abdominal and spinal muscles
  • It provides an avenue for the body to regain strength
  • Retrains muscles to recover from extensive changes experienced during pregnancy
  • Provides an outlet and social activity for new
  • Prepares the body for aerobic or more high impact exercise
  • Helps with Rectus diastasis (abdominal separation) recovery.