Two People SnowshoeingWith all this awesome snow, we know you are going to get out and play in it this weekend.  Here are a few Pilates exercises that are good for winter activities, like skiing, snow boarding,  ice skating and snowshoeing.  A number of Pilates exercises can help with our winter sports, by helping with balance, keep us injury free and sport specific strong.  All the above sports require agility along with a strong core and lower body strength.  Flexibility is also important, in our achilles tendon and hip flexors. Strong quads, glutes, and calf muscles are necessary for most of our winter activities and keep you out of the bushes!   Of course our core is always engaged to keep us balanced, strong and ready for anything. Here are six exercises that will work all these specific muscles, to keep you strong and flexible in most winter sports:

  • The Hundreds on a mat 
  • Clam on the mat
  • Achilles stretch on the chair
  • Step ups on the chair
  • Eve's lunge on the reformer
  • Tendon stretch on the reformer

    April Prout-Ralph skiing powder at Monarch.

If you want to do these exercises at home ask one of our instructors for a variation that will work without equipment.  In most of our classes we teach these and many other exercises that are perfect for your winter activities.  As a matter of fact we think, Pilates is one of the best things you can do to keep yourself in shape for winter sports.  Just ask April Prout-Ralph, one of our Pilates students pictured here, how much Pilates has changed her skiing and other winter sports.  Way to rip it up April!