How are you doing with your fitness for the new year?  app_full_proxy-2.php

Have you ever wanted to try a Transformational Workout from start to finish? Come and learn how P90X2 can transform your body and have a strong core. Thousands have lost weight and got in excellent shape before you. Don't be intimidated by the workout - if you don't come and find out about the workout, you'll never know the change you could have made for yourself! Informational meeting this Wednesday night!

When: WED night (JAN 9th)  at 5:30
Where:  The Pilates Studio near the hospital - hwy 291
How long: Approximately 30-45 minutes (enough time to answer questions and show you exercise examples)
How much: Free!! Just come and listen how you can change your fitness to the next level.

More info? Call Carrie Robertson @719.588.3879

The program will run for 3 months on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5:30pm at the Pilates Studio and is very affordable. Please come to the informational meeting to learn of all your options.

Carrie is a Corrective Exercise Holistic Kinesiologist and Nutrition Coach for years and in the fitness industry for 16 years. She trained the Moffat Fire Department and specializes in coaching clients to be an athlete while preventing injury. She also specializes in fit body nutrition with real food. She is certified by the CHEK institute, the National Strength and Conditioning Association, as well as P90X Certified, TRX, Spinning, and Zumba