The Pilates Studio will be open New Years eve and New Years day, to start your year and your week off right!  We hope everyone has had an amazing holiday season so far with friends and family.  How about this year instead of making New Years Resolutions, that we don't seem to stick with anyway, try to be more consistent with your workouts and 406801_498300316876469_237621082_nnutrition.  If you are working out once or twice a week, add a day, don't set yourself up for failure by setting a goal of 5 days per week.  Once you get that day in regularly add another.  Setting unrealistic goals and unattainable resolution just creates that cycle of not reaching it, then beating ourselves up and then not doing anything because in our mind we have already failed.  To make changes in your health and wellness takes time.  You aren't going to accomplish it overnight, but overnight you can make the decision to start.  Step by step you will notice changes in yourself and your body, in 3 months you will see those results, the same at six, by the end of the year you will be amazed at where you were and where you are at that time!   Everyone at the studio is there to help and support you, along with Lisa Bova our nutritional coach we will help you set attainable goals that will keep you on track!