The Flying Pig Garden is winding down for the season.  There may be a couple more items coming in and we will let you know, but the harvest is done and the garden is being put to bed for the winter.  We hope that you found a new veggie you liked or tried a new way of doing an old favorite for the garden.  Thank you to everyone who purchased some goodies!  Also, thank you to Steve and Sonia for sharing their love of veggies with all of us!  Today I listened to Dr. John Douillard from Boulder say you should eat 2/3 of each meal as veggies, 1/3 is protein and carbs.  With the help of The Flying Pig Garden many of us were able to do just that!  So, keep eatin' those veggies and start looking towards grounding foods for fall and winter.  Grounding foods are those found in root vegetables.  Roasted veggies or a root soup are great ways to get those moist grounding foods in our bodies as the season dries out and winter winds start to come our way soon!  What are your favorite ways to enjoy our fall veggies?  Let us know or post a recipe here on our blog!