With the change of the season and in the air, there is a lot going on this week at The Pilates Studio! 

Veggies and Canned Goods - Sonia will be bringing in jams and canned goods, this week and next!  Come in and check out some of your favorites, blueberry and cherry and try a new ones like plum Grand Marnier.  She also has lots of veggies available.  Please notify her on our email salidapilatesstudio@gmail.com to place your order.  She has chard, beets or beet greens (golden, chioggia, detroit red), kale, vidalia onions, leeks or potatoes (yukon gold, russets and fingerlings).  Talk about fresh picked right out of the garden, just for you!

Three new classes added this week-  Wednesday we start off with a Spinlates at 7:00pm. Come join us for 30 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 30 minutes of Pilates mat work to strengthen your core and perfect your balance.  Call ahead to reserve a bike! Out two new Saturday classes start this week.  Start your day off at 8:30 am with a cycle class, to better you cardiovascular endurance and you lose weight!  Expect to be challenged with five different zones, including Endurance, Strength, Race Day, Interval and Recovery rides.  Next up is the Ball and Bosu class at 9:30 am. This class will focus on the use of the Swiss Ball and Bosu to achieve optimal balance and stability while toning problem area’s these two wonderful pieces of equipment are perfect for strengthening the legs, lower back, glutes and core.  Really want a challenge stay for both.  We are offering a 4 time punch pass for $40 or each class for $12. 

Thursday Night Movie Night and our first movie will be May I Be Frank!  Our movie starts at 7:00pm and it is totally FREE!  Come witness Frank's amazing journey to find health and love again in his life!

Mixed-Level Hatha Yoga  Starts this week on Fridays from 9:00 to 10:30am.  This drop-in, Viniyoga tradition class taught by Mindy Candee, will focus on more intermediate postures and begin to explore other elements of Yoga, such as breathing exercises and mediation. Cost:  Drop-in: $13.00 / 5-class pass: $55.00 / 10-class pass: $100.00