7:00pm Wednesdays, Starting September 19th

Come join us for 30 minutes of indoor cycling followed by 30 minutes of Pilates mat work to strengthen your core and perfect your balance.

Class limit is set at five participants.  Please call ahead to reserve a bike, 719-539-4210

Saturday Classes

Starting September 22

8:30am Cycle Class

Come try this new class with certified Spinning instructor Kate Burkey, to better you cardiovascular endurance and you lose weight!  Expect to be challenged with five different zones, including Endurance, Strength, Race Day, Interval and Recovery rides.  This class is suited for the beginner to advanced rider as each person will receive their own individual attention.  Typical calories burned in an indoor cycle class is 400-600 and typical mikes biked are 15-20 in a 40 minute class!

9:30 Ball and Bosu

This class will focus on the use of the Swiss Ball and Bosu to achieve optimal balance and stability while toning problem area’s these two wonderful pieces of equipment are perfect for strengthening the legs, lower back, glutes and core.  In addition, this class is a great accompaniment to any equipment class and will help to enhance your performance in the studio.

Cost for these classes are $12 drop-in rate or $10 for 4 session punch card. 

Kate wants to add a Weight Loss Cycling Class.  This class will provide the benefits of weight reduction, a drop in blood pressure, improvements in diabetes control, and improvements in lower body and core strength.  She wants to have the class 2 times a week and is looking for feedback on times and days that could work.  Please let us know if you are interested and days and times, that could work.