Olympic athletes are understandably a little secretive about the specifics of their training programs. However, before the athletes of summer Olympics 2012 went into "training lockdown", we got PR statistics from the USOC and NBC Sports which provided us with a list of top US Olympic team members who use Pilates as part of their Olympic training programs.

Many athletes, Olympic and not, use Pilates as part of their cross training programs. The combination of strength, stretch, balance, and control and the emphasis on highly efficient movement makes Pilates a perfect fit. For athletes training at high levels such as in Olympic training, the body/mind/spirit integrative aspect of Pilates is indispensable as well. In the summer Olympics 2012 we have athletes from track and field, gymnastics, diving, beach volleyball, swimming, weightlifting and more listing Pilates as part of their training programs.

Olympic Swimmer Ariana Kukors

Mitchell Haaseth/ NBC Olympics

Here we highlight some of the US Olympic Team athletes who train with Pilates. You will find an action photo as well as sources for further information about each athlete and their sport. Stay tuned to the pages of the athletes you like as we update their progress through the summer 2012 Olympics as we follow the Olympics here at About.com and at NBCOlympics.org and TeamUSA.org.