The Flying Pig Garden has another crop of greens coming to The Pilates Studio on Monday.  Sonia said there will be plenty of arugula.  If you haven't tried arugula before it is a peppery green that goes well in many things, besides just salad.  Sonia is bringing in 3 recipes to go with the arugula.   One is: Chilled Arugula-Potato Soup with Buttermilk; next is: Pasta with Arugula and Tomato-Olive Compote; and last is Arugula Salad with Parmesan and Pickled Shiitake.  We are also going to post the 3 recipes on the blog in the website for those of you who may have a lot of greens in your garden, after all that wonderful rain!  Any green could work in these recipes, kale, swiss chard, even beet greens, although soup may turn a little pinkish!    There will also be some snap peas, broccoli, some lettuce, as well as chard and beet greens picked fresh from the garden.   Isn't summer awesome?  All these wonderful veggies fresh from the garden!  If you have a great recipe that you want to share, post in comments and share with the rest of our community.   Happy gardening everyone!

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