The Monday 9 AM level 1 mat class is being cancelled.  A reminder that the Amrit Yoga class is starting this Friday 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM.  Here is a link to information on     the class and the instructor and a link to our community partners page with more information on Priti Chanda Klco.  If you would like to join Chanda on facebook here is her facebook page .   Our studio is certainly the busy place with the free stretching class offered at noon on Thursdays, our TRX boot camp and Stretching for Stiffies and Tai Chi class on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 2:00 PM, we hope you are finding options that suit your needs.  With spring on its way and more outdoor activities coming, now is great time to start getting ready with either some private one on one sessions with one of our instructors, an equipment or mat class or a combination of both.  Talk with our instructors to find the right combination for you!  As we all know the maximum benefits from any exercise is to keep doing it, vary what you do and how you do it and always include stretching into that routine. True strength comes from body, mind and spirit all in balance and as we always say "Breath, Muscle, Move".  With such an amazing assortment of classes you will be strong, balanced and ready to shine your light.