Amrit Yoga classes starting Feb 10: Fridays at 10-11am and Tuesdays at 6-7pm (changed to 6:15 to 7:15) taught by Priti Chanda Klco

Priti Chanda Klco draws her experience of yoga foremost from immersion in nature. Combining 14 years of training and experience in philanthropy, nonprofit administration, yoga, meditation, dance, bodywork, study of languages and world travel with the inspiration of this moment; Priti practices and teaches personal and organizational transformation as the embodiment of balance between mind and heart. She currently serves as Co-Executive Director at the Amrit Yoga Institute.

Amrit Yoga: Take your body mind experience to a new level.

How is Amrit Yoga unique?

Amrit Yoga gives you the key to accessing the “zone” of peak experience at will. Through this practice you will develop not only physical flexibility, endurance and strength, but the capacity to transcend habitual reactions and transform your experience, whether intense and challenging or day-to-day ordinary, into an experience of joyful flow.

Authentic yoga practice is far more than a physical workout. Postures are tools to discover and explore hidden inhibitions. These inhibitions appear as weakness or stiffness in the body, but deeper exploration reveals them to be held as fears, habit patterns and belief systems that drain strength, accelerate ageing, and cause tension. Through the Amrit Method approach called Posture of Consciousness,TM you learn how to transcend instinctive, habitual fight/flight/freeze reactions and move into each posture without force, without fear, and with full awareness. Once you learn how to do this in the “laboratory” of your yoga practice, you can apply the same skills when you find yourself in an awkward situation in life.

What will I get from Amrit Yoga practice?

Watch your body open in response to awareness, revealing strength and health hidden beneath layers of stress. Experience the waves of vitality that are released as you unlock deeply set patterns, dissolving tension and initiating healing on all levels. Soak in relaxation as you feel this energy returning back to nourish your body, calm your mind and open your heart. As you become more skilled in relaxing in the midst of action, your life energy is freed to circulate throughout your body, bringing flexibility, strength, clarity of mind and a pervading sense of well-being.

Once you understand how to go beyond the mind and connect directly to the intelligence of your vital life force, you will find that your body will respond more quickly and easily and reflect more fully the efforts you put into physical training.  By cultivating openness and receptivity, relaxation and focus, you are creating the ideal conditions for super learning and peak performance.

Recipe for transformation: Understanding + Experience = Change in Perspective

The Amrit Method of Yoga is designed to give you not only a deep understanding of the connection between body, mind and heart; but also the direct experience of Yoga (the integrated state of presence, the zone, where you experience life as effortless flow). This leads you into a progressively more conscious and constant relationship with your being, the part of you that extends beyond the limitations of body and mind. Your deepening connection to the source of your vitality and your increased capacity to remain relaxed and aware under pressure will transform your experience of everything you do. This is the real power and potential of Yoga practice.