Many of you have been asking about Lisa Marie's recent self supported Grand Canyon trip.  She has posted a blog with beautiful pictures of her Thanksgiving trip.  What a wonderful place to go and be thankful.

The Simple Life... Grand Canyon Self Support

Carpooling to Lees Ferry (the put in) my mind was racing; "Do I have everything I need? Will my body agree with paddling 20-30 miles a day? Do I have the mental and physical strength to paddle 280 miles to Lake Mead?" Eight hours later, I realized that all my thoughts would become reality in less than 24 hours. No more questions, time to enjoy the trip and stop planning.

Back in September I hurt my shoulder flying off my mountain bike, so I was a little nervous about my shoulder's strength. I, however, kept in shape by running, pilates, and lots of bodywork on my shoulder. The river was running 20,000 cfs so I knew I could always just go with the flow and use the water to get me down. Luckily my intuition was right, and my body felt strong as soon as I put my paddle in the Colorado River.

If you want to catch the rest of Lisa's story go to her Blog.  It sounds like an amazing trip!  Enjoy!