The Pilates Studio is offering a free stretch class on Thursdays at 12 noon to 1:00pm at The Pilates Studio.  Taught by Melissa Lee Sobal with total body stretching with an emphasis on back care!  For more information or to sign up call The Pilates Studio at 539-4210! We all know the benefits of stretching and how good it is for our body's, endurance and overall structure.  A great exercise program includes stretching. The benefits of stretching are numerous. Increased circulation, improved balance, flexibility, and coordination keep the body lithe and supple. The ability to move the joints in a full range of motion gains importance with age. Stretching promotes range of motion that is needed in everyday life.Adding stretching to the exercise routine gives the body a chance to expand and contract not only the muscles, but the level of stress that is released. If for no other reason, incorporate stretches into your workout because it feels good to release tension in the muscles.